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Patrick Henry: Champion of Liberty

“Jon Kukla restores Patrick Henry to the front rank of American Revolutionary patriots. Patrick Henry: Champion of Liberty is a magnificent achievement, the best biography by far of the great orator and statesman who played such a crucial role in shaping the course of Revolutionary Virginia's history. Kukla's Patrick Henry will not be surpassed.”

- Peter S. Onuf


Mr. Jefferson's Women

“A fine, critical and needed study of one aspect of Jefferson's complicated and extraordinary life.” 
The Times-Picayune


A Wilderness so immense: The louisiana Purchase and the destiny of america

Kukla has done his homework. His account is thoroughly researched and skillfully written, and he effectively places the Purchase in a wider, global context. Kukla shows us why and how the Purchase happened and explains its importance to America's future. If you're trying to select from among the many books being published this year on the Louisiana Purchase (2003 marks the bicentennial), this might be the one. — The Denver Post